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Statewide Office

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  • Deborah Costa-Hernandez

    Deborah Costa-Hernandez

    Statewide Office Executive Director

    Deborah Costa-Hernandez is proud to serve as the CRLP Executive Director for the Statewide office since 2012. 

    Deborah states, 

    "CRLP has been my professional community since 1996 when I participated in my first summer invitational. In CRLP I've had the honor to work with brilliant, creative, dedicated, and brave educators and leaders who want all students to thrive and are willing to join forces to do what it takes. CRLP is our superpower!"

  • Clarissa White

    Clarissa White

    Program Manager

    Clarissa White is the Program and Logistics Manager that runs the day to day front end administrative logistics of the California Reading and Literature Project. She has been with the California Reading and Literature Project since November of 2018, but with UC San Diego since 2005. Clarissa’s worked in both academic affairs and student affairs along side staff, faculty, undergraduates and graduates. She finds her career to be the most rewarding with now being able to work along side K-14 teachers and students.
    When Clarissa is not working, she is enjoying some sort of self-care, finding time to catch up on the latest Netflix shows or reading a good book.
  • Elizabeth Hall (Betsy Hall)

    Elizabeth Hall (Betsy Hall)

    Professional Learning Coordinator

  • Jaime Fagan

    Jaime Fagan

    Program Coordinator

    With over thirteen years of expereince in teaching Kindergarten - Third Grade and more than four years in presenting and faciliating professional development, Jaime Fagan serves as the Program Coordinator for the Statewide Office. In her role, Jaime collaborates on statewide level events, statewide office initatives, and managing social media.
    Jaime enjoys learning new things, reading, and supoprting beginning teachers. In her freetime, you can find her swimming, reading, or restoring her Jeep.


Regional Sites

  • Eric Claravall

    Eric Claravall

    Director, CSU Sacramento

    I joined the CRLP leadership because I believe that teachers are lifelong learners. Collaborating with creative and hardworking educators to improve instruction in reading, and thereby students' literacy outcome, is an important work for me. As a scholar-practitioner, CRLP would provide a platform for me to further my understanding of the intersection of cognition, literacy development, socio-cultural contexts of learning, and decolonizing pedagogy. Through this research into practice, I aspire to learn how we can advance teachers' instructional knowledge and skills in reading.
  • George Ellis

    George Ellis

    Director, UC Berkeley

    Being part of the California Reading and Literature Project means belonging to a larger community of dynamic teacher leaders and university faculty who share the same passion and dedication towards advancing literacy for all students in our state. I have been with the project for almost two decades now, and am still inspired by the quality and depth of the learning opportunities that CRLP offers to our community of educators statewide.  I hope to inspire our current and future generations of teachers to find the same camaraderie, wisdom, and motivation among our statewide network of teacher leaders that originally brought me to become part of the CRLP learning community.
  • Patricia Lopez

    Patricia Lopez

    Director, CSU Fresno

    In CRLP I've found a family. As a professional family, they support teacher agency, unity and equity. In CRLP, I find a space where it is safe to (de) normalize, (de) colonize, and (rev)olutionize literacy for all of California's teachers and students. We build teacher capacity state-wide; I love my role as a regional director- Central Valley/Fresno. 
  • Alison McCormick

    Alison McCormick

    Director, California Lutheran University

    It’s wonderful to be part of such an esteemed project. As a teacher and an administrator I have had the good fortune to have been on the receiving end of many of CRLP’s signature programs. These programs have helped me and so many of my colleagues improve our classroom practices, advance literacy for our students, and continue our learning journey as educators. As Director of region 8, I look forward to continuing the important work of CRLP’s mission to “provide high-quality, standards-aligned professional development in reading and language instruction to ensure that every California K-12 student achieves the highest standards of academic performance.


  • Shervaughnna Anderson-Byrd

    Shervaughnna Anderson-Byrd

    Director, California Lutheran University

    I have been leading and learning in CRLP since 1998. CRLP is an organization that has allowed me continuously to grow as a professional educator. We have the unique opportunity in this project to address all literacy needs including critical literacy and social justice. It is also the collegial environment that exists within our local and statewide projects that cannot be dismissed, the mentors and relationships I have made over the years are priceless. 
  • Gina Chavez

    Gina Chavez

    Director, Loyola Marymount University

    When I was a novice teacher, I was looking for a network of teachers outside my district that I could collaborate with and discuss best practices for instructing English Language Learners. I found CRLP over 20 years ago and have never left. CRLP has always provided the most current and relevant professional development that I could find. The motto has always resonated with me: Teachers as Learners, Teachers as Leaders. Advancing literacy for ALL students in California.
  • Robyn Lee-Gieseffi

    Robyn Lee-Gieseffi

    Co-Director, UC Irvine

    I am grateful to have been a part of CRLP since 2002 for both the professional relationships and learning. Think back to your favorite teacher, the one who accepted you, pushed you to be better, and made you believe that you could. CRLP is one of my beloved teachers and a big section of my “favorite teacher” pie chart. Yes, I have learned to apply countless concrete literacy planning and teaching skills from CRLP signature programs, CRLP teacher leaders, and other CRLP educator partners. Just as importantly, though, this community has consistently modeled the mindset that learning is always possible and that collaboration provides the new perspective we need to move forward. Many things have changed in the years since I attended my first CRLP institute and was welcomed into the CRLP community. What has never wavered though, is CRLP’s commitment to literacy for all students and the power of teachers.
  • Linda Palomino

    Linda Palomino

    Co-Director, UC Irvine

    My first encounter with CRLP was in 2002, as a teacher attending a professional learning institute. That institute provided me with instructional strategies that I needed to engage my students who were language learners and I was one hundred percent on board. As I continued to have more opportunities to interact with the CRLP community, what drew me in was the clear mission for equity and collegiality. Twenty years have passed, and I continue to be grateful to be a part of CRLP as a co-director for the UCI/Orange County region.
  • Fawn Nielsen

    Fawn Nielsen

    Co-Director, Imperial County Office of Education

  • Abel Juarez

    Abel Juarez

    Co-Director, Imperial County Office of Education

  • Sarah Peterson

    Sarah Peterson

    Director, UC San Diego

    I'm proud to make the CRLP my professional home because it is a community that uplifts and empowers. It's where I, and our Teacher Leadership corps, engage with the most cutting-edge pedagogy, educational research, and application. This melding of best practices and community-based learning/doing is what makes the CRLP truly unique. Together, we lean into our vision statement: "Teachers as Learners and Leaders:  Advancing Literacy for all Students in California".