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Secondary Programs (Grades 6-12)

Image of CRLP Signature Program: Learning How English Works

Learning How English Works

Learning How English Works (LHEW) is designed for grades Tk - 12 to help unpack and implement Part II of the California ELD Standards. LHEW deepens the understanding of the California ELD Standards and guides teachers in planning language lessons for Designated ELD instruction.

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Content Area Language and Literacy binder sitting on table with description of program.


Content Area Language and Literacy (CALL) is a multi-day program that equips middle and high school classroom teachers with the skills needed to help their students build strong content knowledge.

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ADEPT binder sitting on a table with the CRLP logo.


A Developmental English Proficiency Test (ADEPT) for grades K-8 is a progress monitoring assessment that helps elementary and middle school teachers identify an English Learners’ strengths and areas for growth.

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Unpacking and Implementing California's ELD Standards

Unpacking and Implementing California's English Language Standards deepens teacher understanding of the CA ELD standards and their relationships to the CA Common Core State Standards.

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